Buckeye Vapors was founded by two guys, Allyn and Josh, who were tired of having to crawl all over the net to find the vaping products we use the most.

We were both pack-a-day smokers until we came across some inexpensive 510 automatic e-cigs. We tried those for a couple of months before discovering the expansive online world of vaping. The only real issue was that every time we ordered a new product, we had to wait to get them. So, after much hemming and hawing, we decided to open a shop of our own right here in Columbus.

We love the products we sell, and we want you to be happy with your purchase. To take some of the uncertainty out of the hunt for vaping products, we set up a nice casual lounge in-shop where anyone (18+) can come and sample our products at no cost.

Our goal is to provide a positive experience for everyone involved. We have set our prices as low as we can in order to maintain a working shop. Because of this, we won't mess around with too many coupons, sales or gimmicks.

Informational Videos

How to fill a cartomizer

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